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Inclinoscope - Dynamic Inclinometer and Gyroscope


Inclinoscope" is a new analysis tool for measuring 3-dimensional angles of tilt, inclination of an object with respect to gravity by using iPhone's acceleration/gyro sensor. You can easily measure the slope of a variety of locations, such as the distortion of the floor, the inclination of buildings. This app can display the current terminal posture in real time, and has three measurement modes, inclinometer in INCLINE mode, time-axis graph of the gyro sensor in TIME mode, and the rotational speed meter in SPEED mode.

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In addition, if you needs a vibration analysis, we recommend our vibration measuring/analysis app "Vibroscope".

Products Information

# Product name : Inclinoscope

Version : 1.0
Release date : April 26, 2016. UTC
Size : 358 kB

Category : Utilities, Life style
Recommendation : Requires iOS 9.3 or later.


Optimized for iPhone, Compact code size.
Measuring 3-dimensional angles of elevation, slope, or incline.
Inclination measurement function. (INCLINE mode)
Gyro time graph function. (TIME mode)
Revolution speed indicator like Tachometer. (SPEED mode)
Capture the measurement results to Photos. (SNAP)
Measuring angular unit : [Degree] or [Radian]


"Inclinoscope" can be used in applications such as the following utilization examples:

Measuring the tilt states, such as furniture, floors, pictures and buildings.
Measuring angle on moving vehicles.
Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizon.
Measurement of the rotational speed, such as the amusement playground equipment.
Setting adjustment of audio equipment, for example, adjustment of the rotational speed of the analog player.
Use in various sports, for example, measurement of the green inclination angle of the golf.
Checking the sense of balance by sensing the body swinging angle.
Tuning the elevation angle of a satellite antenna.

Operation Mode

The view of "Inclinoscope" is divided into three areas. It is consisted of Operation Mode Selection area, Measurement Display area, and Operation area from top to bottom.


"Inclinoscope" has three modes of the operation. By tapping the select button, and then the corresponding mode runs. Depending on the operating mode, the contents of Measurement Display area are changed. The operation area has START/STOP button and Snapshot (SNAP) button. In addition, it will start in INCLINE mode on the application boot-up.

Functions of the operation mode is as follows:

INCLINE : Inclination Measurement.(Default)
TIME : Gyro position time graph.
SPEED : Revolution speed indicator like Tachometer.
INFO. : Product information.

Display method of rotation angle

"Inclinoscope" displays the degree of inclination that is based on the rotational images in the three-dimensional orthogonal coordinate (xyz space).

As a representation of the rotation, "yaw" is the rotation around the z-axis, "pitch" around the x-axis, and "roll" around the y-axis.

For example, such as in aircraft and ships, it will take the axis destination of the fuselage on the y-axis, and the wing on the x-axis, the fuselage upper direction to the z-axis.

In the iPhone devices, it displays the angle image of the three axes of each posture (pitch/roll/yaw) on INCLINE mode as follows.

# Rotational image of pitch


# Rotational image of roll


# Rotational image of yaw

faceup landscape


INCLINE mode utilizes the information of the acceleration sensor, and operates as 3-dimensional inclinometer. It displays the angle and gradient in visually in accordance with the spatial attitude of the iPhone devices. By tapping Start button to start the measurement, and it then stop by tapping Stop button.

The measurement display is slightly different by the terminal posture state (FaceUp, Portrait, Landscape) as follows:

# FaceUp (terminal horizontal):

FaceUp is the state that the terminal has become horizontal to the ground plane. In this case, it appears the angle of pitch and roll in the arc, and the angle of yaw in the circle needle. It also displays the cross mark (+) on the position of the zenith (or the nadir), such as seeing the terminal from directly above.


# Portrait (Vertical possession):

Portrait is a state that you have hold the terminal to the vertical. The lower side of the Home button is standard. In this case, it appears the angle of pitch and yaw in the arc, and the angle of the roll in a circle needle.


# Landscape (Horizontal possession):

Landscape is the state that you have got sideways a terminal, the home button right side will be the standard. In this case, it appears the angle of roll and yaw in the arc, and the angle of the pitch in the circle needle.


TIME mode

This mode is used to see in real time the data of the 3-axis (pitch / yaw / roll) angle and the angular velocity output from the gyro sensor to display the graph. Please use this mode in the state of FaceUp.


# Angle display :

- pitch : -π/2 - π/2 [rad] (-90° - +90°)

- yaw : -π - π [rad] (-180° - +180°)

- roll : -π - π [rad] (-180°- +180°)

# Acceleration :

- pitch/yaw/roll : -4π (-12.56) - +4π (12.56) [rad/sec]

SPEED mode

This mode is displayed in rotation speed (rpm) by the angular velocity information of the gyro sensor. It displays a 3D-axis angular velocity and the maximum angular velocity in real time. It displays up to 130rpm, and the numerical value indicates until the gyro sensor measurement maximum value. Please use this mode in the state of FaceUp.


In order to avoid the terminal failure, please do not use, such as to give an excessive acceleration of more than 120rpm. Please avoid use in the state, such as terminal slippery places and high-speed rotation.

Snapshot : SNAP

If you tap "Snap" button in Measuring Operation area, you can capture the measured image to Photos. It will be saved in PNG format. It is possible in all modes, INCLINE mode, TIME mode and SPEED mode.

At the first time, the confirmation of access to the Photos is required once from iOS system when you press SNAP button.

Product Information:Info

By tapping the "INFO." tab in Mode selection area, it is displayed the product information. If you tap the "Support Information", Safari starts and you can see our support page. If you tap the "Other Apps Information", you will see our App's information on the "App Store".

Release Information

Inclinoscope version 1.0 was released on April 26, 2016. UTC


At the time of the first access to Photos after installing the app, you will be asked authorization to access them by the iOS system. If you have not enabled this setting, the app can not access them by privacy restrictions of the iOS system. Please enable the access permission on the iOS setting, "Settings > Privacy > Photos".


There is variation and accuracy error by individual terminals and sensor devices, so this application does not recommend the use in the formal measurement. During in car driving or operating machinery, please do not use this app.

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