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"Synthetic Healing Sounds" is a new healing app that has the right relaxing sound on your living, bedroom and working space.

Find the relaxing sound like a meditation sound to deepen your healing sense even further.

In addition, it can be produced "Binaural Beat" sound with base relaxing sound at the same time.

For example, please try it out if the ambient sound is loud and you can not concentrate on the work or the study or if you can not sleep.


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Products Information

Version : 1.2
Released : September 11, 2018. UTC
Size : 4.8 MB
Category : Life Style, Health & Fitness
Recommendation : Requires iOS 11.4 or later.


"Synthetic Healing Sounds" has the following features:

Healing Sounds generation
Binaural Beat generation and mixing.
Simple UI
Playback timer from 1 minutes up to 8 hour.


"Synthetic Healing Sounds" has the following sounds:

# Base Sounds

Wave : Sea wave sound
Birds : Chirping of birds
Windy : Wind sound
Meteor : Sound of meteor shower
Heart Beat : Womb sound
Crickets : Sounds of insects
Noise (White, Pink, Brown, Blue, Purple noise) : Each time pressing Noise button, the generated noise signal is switched in the order of white noise, pink noise, brown noise, blue noise and purple noise.

# Binaural Beat

528Hz (fundamental frequency : Solfeggio Scale - DNA restore) & 7.83Hz (beat frequency - Schumann resonance)
Binaural beat sound are mixed with Base sound.
Binaural Beat sound level. : light, middle, heavy

Top view

At the first time of running "Synthetic Healing Sounds" app, Top view will be displayed.

Seven buttons in the upper area are selective playback buttons for each sound source, followed by the timer display, the buttons in the lower row are "Bi-Beat" , "Timer Info" and "Stop".



There are seven sound playback buttons for each type of sound sources, and you can directly select a sound source.

By tapping a button of other sound source during playback, you can play it soon. The sound will be stopped by tapping "STOP" button.

If you tap the same button again, the generation parameters of that sound source is changed. "Noise" button changes in the order of "(white noise) -> (pink noise) -> (brownian noise) -> (blue noise) -> (purple noise)".

ss_white ss_pink

Binaural beat

Binaural beat sound has a hypnotic effect with a slight frequency difference in the sound of left and right channels.

This app can mix our proprietary Binaural beat to the basic sound.

Tap "Bi-Beat" button to play Binaural beat sound. Binaural beat can not be played alone.

Furthermore, each time you tap "Bi-Beat" button, it changes in the order of Binaural beat's sound level, "(Light) -> (Middle) -> (Heavy) -> (OFF)".

ss_bboff ss_bbon1
ss_bbon2 ss_bbon3


Timer sets the time for sound playback. By tapping "Timer Info" button to display the timer setting. The default is 10 minutes and can be set in 1 minute increments up to 8 hours. The timer will stop by tapping Stop button.



By tapping "Timer Info" button, it will be displayed on the product information.

By tapping "Support & Information" button, Safari starts and you can see our support page. If you tap "Usage" button, you can see usage information. By tapping "Return Main" button, it returns to Top view.



Version 1.2 was released on September 11, 2018. UTC
Version 1.1 was released on August 17, 2017. UTC
Version 1.0 was released on July 25, 2017. UTC


Even if you do not feel that the continuous high-volume playback sound is too large, it may affect your hearing ability. Please be careful about volume adjustment when using with earphones.
Wireless connection with Bluetooth equipment is not supported.
Recommend to use safely in airplane mode or WiFi disabled mode.
If the silent mode is turned on, all iPhone sound outputs are disabled. To enable the sound output, please be sure to turn off the silent mode in the iPhone' settings, "Settings/Sounds" or Control Center.

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