FAQ-a005 : Is it possible to input the microphone from the earphone jack? Frequency characteristics? (Fo-Kannon)

[Answer] In "fo-Kannon", we have received some inquiries about microphone input from iPad's 3.5 mm earphone jack.

We measured characteristics of our own microphone (SONY ECM-959V). Pink noise is reproduced from the speaker and it is measured by holding at the position of about 1 m in front of the speaker for 5 seconds. It was confirmed that the low frequency gently decayed.

This is an example of measurement result including our loudspeaker's frequency response but it seems that it will not be a ridiculous characteristic even if it is a type of microphone inserted in the earphone jack. However, please note that the results will change depending on the characteristics and the impedance matching of your using microphone.

Applicable app : "fo-Kannon"


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