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We have posted frequently asked questions from our customers. Please check before making inquiries.

FAQ : System

FAQ-s010 : The app can not be successfully downloaded.

[Answer] Depending on the operating status or the communication status of iOS device, the app may not be downloaded successfully. There may be a phenomenon that the icon remains downloading or you can not run the app even though the downloading is completed. In that case, please download the app again.

- Open App Store.

- Open the App Store app.

- On an iPhone : Tap Updates, then tap Purchased.

- On an iPad: Tap Purchased.

- Tap "Not on This [device]."

- Find the app that you want to download, then tap download icon. The app downloads to your device.

# Please refer to the following Apple support page for this solution.

FAQ-s011 : The installed app quits unexpectedly, it stops responding, or does not start up.

[Answer] Depending on the operating status of the iOS device, free memory, operation settings, conflicts with other applications and etc., the app might suddenly end, or may not respond, or may not start up. In that case, please try the following methods.

1) Restart the app.

2) Restart your device.

3) Check for iOS and app updates.

4) Install another app from the App Store.

5) Delete and reinstall the app.

# Please refer to the following Apple support page for this solution.

FAQ-s012 : Please let me know the iOS device reset method.

[Answer] It depends by the iOS devices how to reset/restart. Please refer to the following Apple support page.

FAQ : Common

FAQ-c001 : What kind of terminal does the App run on? Are there any Apps that run on Android devices?

FAQ-c003 : No sound input. Measurement display such as measured values and graphs is not available.

FAQ : Environment

FAQ-e006 : FAQ-e007 : How to get the log data of "Vibroscope".

FAQ-e008 : FAQ-e008 : What is the maximum frequency that can be measured with "Vibroscope"?

FAQ-e009 : FAQ-e009 : During the measurement of "Low Frequency Detector" app, the reference tone signal is output, but is this operation normal?

FAQ-e014 : FAQ-e014 : What is the background noise? Its influence?

FAQ : Audio

FAQ-a002 : FAQ-a002 : Reference level 0dB of "Audio Frequency Analyzer" (AFA) ?

FAQ-a005 : FAQ-a005 : Is it possible to input the microphone from the earphone jack? Frequency characteristics? (Fo-Kannon)

FAQ-a007 : FAQ-a007 : How should I connect iPhone/iPad to the audio system in a signal generation app?

FAQ-a013 : FAQ-a013 : What is "Octave Band Noise"?


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