FAQ-a007 : How should I connect iPhone/iPad to the audio system in a signal generation app like "Audio Tone Generator" ?

[Answer] Audio signal generation application can connect to audio system by the following method.

(1) Output from 3.5mm headphone jack.

(2) Output using Lightning compatible digital audio interface.

(3) Connect with AirPlay using WiFi.

We recommend to use the Lightning' connection in (2) since the digital audio output has the highest signal accuracy and is stable as the reference signal source.

In addition, AirPlay in (3) has sound quality problems in the receiving equipment since it adopted Apple's proprietary wireless communication method. It seems to occur by wireless communication status, compatibility with connected equipment, and audio data compression algorithm. According to our user report, there is information that the sound via AirPlay may be interrupted momentarily the audio signal in the higher frequency band of over 10 kHz in the sinusoidal frequency sweep.

Applicable App : Audio Tone Generator, Audio Tone Generator Lite, Audio Tone Generator for iPad, Octave Band Noise Generator/Lite

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