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High-Frequency Noise Monitor - New release!


"High-Frequency Noise Monitor" is a high-frequency noise analysis tool that specializes in high-frequency bands above 8 kHz.

You may be exposed to artificial high-frequency noise on a daily basis that is inaudible to the human ear. This app allows you to monitor such high frequency noises and examine their occurrence.

This app records randomly fluctuating high-frequency noise from the iPhone built-in microphone and performs frequency analysis in real time.

In addition, it retains the PCM data for 20 seconds just before the measurement is stopped, and displays a spectrogram of FFT and octave band analysis. The spectrogram is a graph showing the analysis results of the frequency spectrum of sound with time on the vertical axis, frequency on the horizontal axis, and signal strength in colors, allowing visual observation of the occurrence of high-frequency noise.

Wavelet Voice Sonogram - New release!


"Wavelet Voice Sonogram is a new sound spectrogram app that performs time-frequency analysis of acoustic signals.

This app can perform acoustic analysis and display the spectrograms by using three time-frequency analysis methods, Wavelet analysis, Octave Band analysis, and FFT analysis. It can record sounds from iPhone built-in microphone. While playing the sound, you can search for the desired sound and analyze it.

This app allows you to easily perform acoustic analysis of speech, instrumental sounds, noise, and more. It can also be used to learn elementary speech analysis.

Octave-band Colored Noise - New release!


"Octave-band Colored Noise" is a new sound generator app that can generate various colored noises and octave-band noises.

It can be used for various purposes such as sound masking, sound effects for tinnitus relief and sleep, reference sound source for sound equipment measurement, sound tuning, and sound insulation effect measurement for buildings.

Music Frequency Analyzer - New release!


"Music Frequency Analyzer" is a sound source analysis app to check the sound characteristics of music sources. It can be analyzed frequency characteristics of your favorite music source.

This app may discover hidden masterpieces from your own music collection, and you will also find slight differences in sound quality due to mastering.

For example, you can find out the bass and treble frequencies, the frequency overlap at the beginning and climax of the music, the recording condition, the background noise level, and more. It can also be used as reference information for acoustic evaluation when the same sound source is played back on audio equipment.

Audio Tone Generator - ATG


"Audio Tone Generator - ATG" is a powerful reference Audio test signal generator app for iPhone.

It creates the reference audio test signals as Sine wave, Sweep signal, Chirp signal, White Noise and Pink Noise, and has a frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz. In addition, it can generate octave band noise of 1/1 or 1/3 octave in NOISE mode. You can also use it for detailed analysis of specific frequency bands.

With the latest version, we have changed the UI design and added new chirp signal generation and preset frequency customization features.

Audio Frequency Analyzer


"Audio Frequency Analyzer" is a powerful Real-Time Audio Analyzer (RTA) app for iPhone.

It is available in a variety of applications, such as sound room tuning, speaker settings, audio equipment testing, stage setting measurement, evaluation of sound mixing environment and Investigation of noise environment.

In the latest version, the peak hold function has been added to FFT analysis.

Hearing Analyzer Portrait


"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" is an ear wellness application that can be easily measured the frequency characteristics of your hearing.

In addition, a free version app "Hearing Analyzer Lite" is also available.

Sound Level Analyzer PRO


"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" is a new integrated sound measurement app with sound level measurement and powerful sound analysis tools.

It can display automatically the instantaneous sound level such as environmental noise, specific sound sources, live sounds in real-time.

This app has advanced sound analysis functions that can perform "Power Spectrum Analyzer", "Time Course graph", and "Statistical Analysis (Histogram, Percentile Level)". It can be used to analyze characteristics and trends of occurrence for the noise/sound source.

In addition, we have released a standard SLM app "Sound Level Analyzer" that simplified the sound analysis function of "Sound Level Analyzer PRO". Also released a free simple app "Sound Level Analyzer Lite".

Mosquitone Detector - Find the mosquito noise!


"Mosquitone Detector" is a sound measurement app that detects high-frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds hard to hear for human ears.

It may have been exposed to artificial high-frequency noise while you do not notice. This app can detect and visualize such high-frequency noises.

In the latest version, it has a gain range switching function. You can make the graph display easier to see by switching the gain range in Detect mode.

Low Frequency Detector


"Low Frequency Detector" is a new acoustic measurement tool for detecting low frequency sound/noise that is hard to hear in the normal situation.

It supports very lower frequency range less than 100Hz by our proprietary sound sensing technology. This app can also display the frequency component of the low frequency sound by examining by 1/3 octave band analysis and FFT analysis.

Vibroscope - Vibration Level Measurement and Analysis Tools


"Vibroscope" is a new analysis tool for measuring/analyzing vibration by using the iPhone's acceleration sensor in real-time.

It allows you to monitor by visualizing the low-frequency vibration, such as inaudible by ear.

In the latest version, it has added the function to swap the axis direction on the graph display during operation.



"Magnetscape" is a new measurement app that observe invisible magnetic fields by using a built-in iPhone magnetic sensor.

It can monitor the surrounding magnetic field in real time, it can be used for various purposes in real life. For instance, it can be used for investigation of static magnetic field, search for low electromagnetic field at alternating magnetic field (electromagnetic field), metal detection and more.

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